ARMO Announces New Annual ARMO Showcase

ARMO, the Affiliation of Rotomoulding Organizations throughout the world, debuted its first Annual 2017 ARMO Showcase publication at the 2017 Rotoplas Exhibition in Chicago, IL.

The annual ARMO Showcase features top Rotomoulded Products, Design, Manufacturing and major industry insights throughout the world. The 2017 ARMO Showcase can be viewed online at www.armo-global.org Hard copies can be purchased from ARMO by emailing susan@jsjproductionsinc.com or info@armo-global.org

To find out about advertising and how to include your company products in the 2018 ARMO Showcase, to be unveiled at the 2018 ARMO Conference in Hamburg, email susan@jsjproductionsinc.com or info@armo-global.org

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