ARMO Announces Katia Zoppetti as New Chairwoman of the Board

“Our task at ARMO, as the representatives of the industry worldwide, is to ensure rotational moulding is the process of the future – not of the past.” – Katia Zoppetti

LONDON, UK – The Affiliation of Rotomolding Organizations (ARMO), is pleased to announce the election of Katia Zoppetti as the newly elected Chairwoman of the Board. Zoppetti’s role began upon the conclusion of the 2018 ARMO Conference in Hamburg, and she will serve a 2-year term.

Zoppetti has been involved in the rotomoulding industry for almost 20 years. After her studies in Chemistry, she began her experience by working in the R&D department of Acerbis Italia. During her 13-year tenure with Acerbis, Zoppetti rose from lab technician to manager of R&D. Today, Zoppetti works in the technical and sales department of DRAM, a young company supplier to the rotational moulding industry, that specializes in problem solving. In addition, Zoppetti is the President of the Italian Rotomoulding Association (IT-RO – Italia Rotazionale).

“I am very pleased and honored to lead ARMO as its Chairwoman for the coming term. ARMO is an important organization for the global rotational moulding industry that must continue to play an important role in the evolution and promotion of the technology. It is my goal for ARMO to further improve and expand its benefits and services by offering its affiliates more opportunities. At the same time, we will work to add new member organizations,” Zoppetti said.

Absolutely convinced of the potential of the rotational moulding technology within the overall plastics industry, Zoppetti’s goals and objectives will also include: promoting the technology in new fields; investing in innovative directions; and developing new projects.

She plans to move forward by establishing subgroups or subcommittees to handle specific and strategic activities, such as marketing and promotion. Zoppetti cited potentially doing this is through collective participation at targeted trade shows and collaboration with universities for research and development of new technological solutions and the education of future rotational moulding technologists, among others.

“We must consider the needs of the rotomoulder, and which projects we can activate as ARMO to help fill those needs. It is our job to defend and improve the technology of rotational moulding, otherwise it will be overwhelmed by other more aggressive technologies,” Zoppetti said.

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About ARMO – The Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organizations (ARMO) was established to provide an equal forum for organisations serving the global rotational moulding industry. ARMO is a voluntary group of organisations serving the global rotomoulding industry, each having their individual memberships and structure. The members of the affiliation will work together to advise the industry through their individual organisations, however, the vision of ARMO is to work co-operatively on various projects for the benefit of all members.

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