Ceiling Lamp for 2017 BRICS Ziamen Summit Room

  • by Sharon Zhu, Wenling Rising Sun Rotomolding Technology CO., LTD

#Ceiling lamp 1 -- 9.3 meters in diameter

#Ceiling lamp 2 -- 8.2 meters in diameter

These two huge lamps were specially designed for 2017 BRICS Xiamen Summit room. The total development time was only two months, starting with the concept design from Hyperboloid to complementation of the lamp installation. Two lamps were built, diameters are 9.3 m and 8.2 m separately, the area of the bigger one is almost equal to a standard badminton court.

The product design team adopted hyperboloid for the lamp shape, and incorporated bamboo body pattern on the external surface.

The lamps were rotomolded in pieces with proper sizing to fit a current standard rotomolding machine and the edge was cut the perfectly after molding. The lamps were then packed and shipped to the place of installation, the pieces were welded into a complete cover on site and finally installed onto the ceiling.


Raw material

To have the right transmittance, polypropylene is the most suitable material for the rotomolding process using our current standard rotomolding machine. We tested more than 20 different models from global material suppliers to ensure the good transmittance and flame retardant of the finished lamp. Finally, the one from Total beat the others and was chosen for making the lamp.


  1. Short lead time
  2. Even mold heating, to ensure material temperature varies within 5℃
  3. The right transmittance to ensure the perfect lighting effect
  4. The right strength of the finished lamp, the processing temperature and timing must be controlled accurately to avoid material degradation and oxidation
  5. Accurate speed ratio to distribute material perfectly
  6. Perfect second fabrication and welding pieces together without affecting the transmittance
  7. Protection from scratch during shipping, second fabrication and installation as one-time project

The ceiling lamp for 2017 BRICS Xiamen summit room was designed by the design team at Versailles Lamps CO., LTD. The mold design was developed by Rising Sun Rotomolding Technology CO., LTD. The material study was performed by Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The products were manufactured at Rising Sun using their standard Rotomolding machine.

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