Looking Forward to 2018!

I am writing this as we approach Christmas and the end of yet another year. I think that 2017 has been a successful year for ARMO. The main ARMO event for 2017 Rotoplas in Chicago organised by ARM was one of the best attended ever with a large well supported exhibition and informative conference. Rotoplas saw the launch of the ARMO Product Showcase, a publication designed to introduce the wide range of possibilities available with the Rotomoulding process to the wider world of Designers and OEM’s. I would encourage you to use this publication in printed and digital format to introduce the Rotomoulding process to designers, OEM’s and potential clients in your local area.

This year has also seen many successful local meetings around the world, some of which I have been lucky enough to attend. It is always educational to attend association meetings in venues outside your own area and to experience how our technology is advancing and entering new markets in different ways elsewhere in the world. Above all it is always a pleasure to meet friends, new and old, with a similar enthusiasm for Rotational Moulding from all corners of our globe. Attending meetings of ARMO affiliates and the main ARMO meetings, wherever they are in the world, always opens doors to new ideas, new technologies and above all new contacts with potential for cooperation, licensing or at the very least a stimulating conversation over a drink or meal.

Looking forward to 2018, it should also be eventful for ARMO and it affiliates. Our major European Meeting which takes place in Hamburg in September the website (http://www.armo-conference2018.com/) is already up and running and registration is open. Following the success of our last European meeting in Nottingham this promises to be a fantastic event. Many sponsors and exhibitors are already signed up and ARM-CE, the organisers, are putting together a stimulating program of presentations and some spectacular networking and social events. There also are a wide selection of affiliate events in 2018 around the world. Hamburg will see the publication of the second Product Showcase, articles and product case studies are already being accepted along with articles and news for our online newsletter which will now be published 3 times each year.

The ARMO board are also in the process of commissioning an exciting promotional video which can be used internationally to promote the Rotomoulding process. It will be designed to introduce the process and its wide range of possibilities to those unfamiliar with Rotational Moulding. It will be available in many languages to use at exhibitions, to potential clients and on line.

I wish all members of our Affiliate members a happy and prosperous 2018 and I hope to meet up with many of you at various Rotational Moulding events around the world in this coming year.

Martin Spencer

ARMO Chair

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