A Case Study

Leading bio-decontamination experts Bioquell UK Ltd. specializes in providing HP Vapor (hydrogen peroxide) decontamination equipment and services to research laboratories, pharma production plants, and hospitals.

Bioquell UK Ltd. made a conscious decision to set up their own special clean environment facility to produce high quality Rotational moulded products. With A. Schulman partnering in this project to provide ICORENE® specialty grades.

Within the ongoing development of state of the art rotomoulded products, Bioquell UK Ltd. designed and created the QUBE, a modular, flexible aseptic workstation with fully integrated HPV Technology using A. Schulman’s High Performance Specialty Rotomoulding Powders to create quality levels rarely seen before in rotomoulding.

The Bioquell QUBE module allows a variety of configurations that tailor the workspace to the needs of the specific process. The combination of unidirectional airflow and an ISO 5/Grade A working environment with rapid HPV bio-decontamination ensures the Bioquell QUBE is suitable for applications such as cytotoxic preparation, gene therapies, cell therapies, sterility testing, and many others.

Bioquell UK Ltd. is using the latest manufacturing techniques which delivers rapid bio-decontamination to a microbial reduction.

The Bioquell QUBE has efficient cycles for pharmaceutical and life sciences applications and therefore requires a manufacturing process that enables hygienic durable products to be moulded.

The Qube is a highly flexible and modular system that provides;

  • Integrated Merck Steritest Symbio Flex Pump – World leading sterility test pump, fully integrated and controlled from your QUBE
  • Flexible, upgradeable design – Choose how many chambers you require for your sterility test procedure, and upgrade to a larger system in the future if needed
  • Rapid installation and validation
  • Ergonomic– Built with you in mind
  • HPV technology – Optimum performance for your sterility testing
  • Replace your cleanroom at a fraction of the running costs – Sterility tests can be carried out in a lower grade or an ungraded environment
  • Accessories– Choice of Racking options and Merck accessories to improve workflow
Bioquell UK Ltd. are pushing the limits of design in Rotational moulding and to achieve this it is important to work very closely with the raw material supplier. For the Qube the brief required extreme high tolerances due to multiple parts, with higher scratch resistance and no warpage.
“A. Schulman is our preferred supplier due to their extensive portfolio of High Performance Grades backed up by technical service and support”, says Kevin Bridges, Bioquell’s TERM (Technology Enhanced Rotational Moulding) Director”.

A. Schulman is a leading supplier of High Performance Rotomoulding Powders in Europe with its trademark powder ICORENE®.

With four powder operating facilities located in France, Holland, Italy and the UK, A. Schulman offer a broad range of grades in terms of density, melt flow, impact resistance, rigidity, ESCR, grind type and custom compound colours.

A. Schulman powders are continually developing new innovative specialised grades to open new opportunities for our moulding customers.

“A. Schulman thrive on working closely with moulders on new projects, the closer we work with our moulding customers, the more opportunities of building partnerships that achieve high quality mouldings such as the QUBE. Bioquell UK Ltd. is a very good technical moulder that we have worked well with over many years to meet the high demands of the end user. “I can honestly say the Qube is one of the best rotomoulded products I have seen in 36 years in the industry.” added Les Druyf, A. Schulman Product Line Manager Powders.
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