Over the past few years we have experienced a quite difficult market, one where the general market is very slow and we haven’t yet seen the expected growth in the European market or other areas of the world where manufacturers are technologically advanced and sensitive to innovation. However, even in more advanced markets, we are seeing new competitors who are offering low-technology and low-quality equipment utilizing a ‘reduced price’ as their principal marketing instrument.

At Rotomachinery Group, even in this difficult situation, we continually invest in research and development because, especially in the industry’s more advanced markets, there is a need to reduce production costs and achieve increased product quality. We have made that possibility a reality with Rotomachinery Group’s innovative and high-technology rotomoulding machinery and advanced resources.

Through Rotomachinery Group’s investment in research and development, good results have been achieved in all areas of intervention. These innovations have been highly appreciated by all our valued customers. For example: reducing manpower costs means reducing the number of working hours for each machine, however this requires increased attention to the construction of the machine to ensure the resources necessary for producing professional, high-quality products.


Rotomachinery Group is not only providing rotomoulding machines. We provide to our clients with personal solutions to make production more efficient in terms of working with the moulds; drawing of the production site; solutions to move and use raw materials; and ensuring the production of high-quality finished rotomoulded products.

We have just developed new software resident in our server that considers the weight of the parts and easy comprehension of mould positioning on the spiders of straight arms and on the flange of offset arms to keep the weight balanced. Using a PC in the office, the head of production can move the moulds with a click of the mouse and the program will show in real time any unbalanced point and propose the positioning and placement of the weight. All of this takes place without interfering with production. This technology includes high advantages in terms of mechanical stresses and life of the components. The client can check the production using a PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone and see on the screen the same pages of the Touch Panel on the machine. It is possible for one person to control multiple machines without being present.

Rotomachinery Group’s machines are a referral point in the market regarding consumption savings. Through the quality of the insulation and the shape of the cooking chamber, considering the speed and the pressure of the airflow of the hot air on the moulds, it allows for the same cycle time,and a reduction in consumption of 20%. Such significant reduction in cycle times are achieved with the same consumption rates.


Moving a further step ahead, Rotomachinery Group has now developed the UFD System Upper Fan Duct, which directs some of the hot air onto the moulds. This is an extra hot air pipe that uses the same heat source without increasing consumption. We have introduced the new hot air blowing fans composed of two turbines that reach the optimal rotation in rapid time and in fast time they reduce the speed, reducing the loss of hot air during the opening and closing of the oven doors. This provides maximum advantage in combination with the ECOMODE System where the burner stops when the doors of the oven are opened and the exhaust works at the minimum power.

Another innovation developed by Rotomachinery Group, is REGEN, that utilizes the energy lost from the machine motors to be use it back in the plant. With REGEN, moulders can re-use the energy lost from the inverters every time the motors reduce the speed and make reverse rotations. This will be an advantage in terms of electrical consumption and cost savings.

At Rotomachinery Group we are currently studying special heat exchangers, air-air and/or air-water, to enable moving hot air coming from the exhaust to use it to heat the factory. Our highly-technological software will control all these functions and even control the internal temperature of the moulds during the heating and cooling phase. It will direct the exit of the arm from the oven when the part is perfectly processed, and it will stop the cooling cycle when the part reaches the desired temperature.

These innovations are important in the event of material changes, changes in product weights, testing of new moulds, or for the initial start-up of production each morning because cycle changes are affected by different conditions. The reduction of the cycle times depends on a better cooling phase. We have reached this goal by using new types of cooling fans, which are more powerful (28.000 up to 55.000 m3/h each), less noisy, and utilize less electrical consumption. The savings achieved are real and our clients can look at this in real time on the Touch Screen of the machine. The electrical and gas consumption can be set for each working cycle, cubic meters, weight of the products, and within a certain time frame.

The technologically advanced machines and personal solutions made by Rotomachinery Group ensure value over the time and allow our customers to have margins for new investments.

Our satisfied clients are still using our machines produced in the 80's. For further information please contact us at www.rotomachinerygroup.com

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