Rotomoulding, a process with limitless possibilities

A. Schulman is a leading international supplier of rotomolding materials. We offer a broad range of grades and custom compound colors, ranging from general purpose rotomolding powers to high performance powders, flexible and rigid powder grades, flame retardant, special effect grades and many more.

At A. Schulman, we focus on creating innovative specialized grades to open new opportunities for our moulding customers. The following four case studies give a flavor of what can be done with A. Schulman’s Icorene® rotomolding powders.

High Quality Hay Steamer Produced with High-Performance Polypropylene


Haygain steamers help horses maintain a healthy respiratory and digestive system throughout the year, which can be difficult during the colder months when horses typically are kept inside for long periods of time. Increased exposure to dust from forage, bedding, feed and a lack of stable ventilation can all have a negative effect on the horse’s health.

When Haygain created the Hay Steamer they were looking for a material which resists to higher temperatures, is scratch resistant and shows a quality finish. As Haygain strive for high quality, they started to collaborate with Gordon Ellis, a technical moulder. The moulder’s wish was that the chosen material was of consistent quality and easy to process. Due to operating temperature and the quality requirement of the finished product polyethylene was not a solution.

The chosen grade for the Hay Steamer was Icorene® 4014 which is a high-performance polypropylene compound grade. This grade is the most popular rotomoulding Polypropylene currently sold across Europe, due to its excellent properties. Icorene® 4014 is an easy to mould polypropylene copolymer grade with improved stiffness combined with high temperature and excellent scratch resistance.

This grade is also fully UV stabilized and available in numerous color compounds.

Soft Touch Seat Swing Rotomolded with Icorene® 9402


A. Schulman’s turkish customer Cemer is a major manufacturer of children playground equipment as well as urban equipment. Cemer is designing and producing their own moulds, and uses the best materials to assure high-quality standards

When Cemer started to design a new baby seat swing, they were looking for a soft-touch grade which helps to prevent bumps and knocks and which shows good strength and impact-resistance in order to provide long term safety. The chosen material also had to be easy to mould, safe for toddlers and meet the Toy Safety Directive.

A. Schulman recommended to Cemer Icorene® 9402, a TPE based grade. This grade is an olefin elastomer which is virtually unbreakable and has excellent soft touch feel. Icorene® 9402 is fully UV stabilized and shows superior mechanical properties which are needed for outside playground equipment which is subject to extreme temperatures and heavy usage. Icorene® 9402 is also available in several colors.

Designer Decor Lamp Made of Low Density Polyethylene


Mr Maria is a Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam with a passion for pure and loving design. The company aims to create eye-catching products fit for any interior and for children of all ages. In collaboration with the rotomolder Roto-Art, they recently created an exclusive lamp of the legendary Smiley. One of Roto-Art’s most important targets was a high-quality finish, no contamination and good mouldability.

For this rotomolded designer lamp, A. Schulman suggested Icorene® 3590, a polyethylene based compound grade. The grade has low pinholes and is therefore the ideal grade for the production of design applications.
A. Schulman’s Icorene® 3590 is a linear low density polyethylene with which designers can achieve a very high gloss finish. It is also easy-to-mold and has good mechanical properties.

Transportation Tanks Produced with High Density Polyethylene Icorene® 1339


Transportation tanks are used for the storage of many different types of liquids. The most common materials used for the manufacturing of the tanks are steel or plastic. The advantage of plastic tanks is clearly the much lighter weight, which results in lower costs and greater ease of transport, handling and positioning.

RMA Plastik is a well-known Turkish rotomoulder and supplier to the automotive, agriculture and textile sector. The company offers a wide range of tanks from 10 up to 42.000 liters. The transportation tanks that RMA Plastik produces for its customers are used for the storage of water, acid, diesel, fuel, oils and other similar liquids. Particular attention must hence be given to the choice of the right base material for the tank.

RMA Plastik decided to use polyethylene with good mechanical properties for the manufacturing of their tanks. One of the key properties they were looking for was that the chosen material is fully UV stabilized, to enhance longevity of the tank and it had to be available in different colors. Furthermore, the polyethylene had to be easy-to-use material and resistant to any food or chemical substances.

A. Schulman experts hence recommended Icorene® 1339. This grade is a high-density polyethylene with good mouldability, very stiff, good creep resistance and it is food and drinking water approved. Icorene® 1339 has proven since many years to be the stiffest commodity grade on the market and perfectly suited for higher volume transportation tanks.

For more information about A. Schulman’s Icorene® grades contact us at sales.emea.sp@aschulman.com

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