September 16-18, 2018
Hamburg, Germany
by Oliver Wandres, ARM-CE Chair

The organizers of ARMO2018 are proud to announce that for a first time ever, the ARMO Conference exhibition will feature two rotational moulding machines – that will both be producing live on stage.

Both machines produce by means of electrical power only, and aim to automate Rotational moulding production, but with completely different and independent approaches.

German company ROTO evolution has developed a unique new Rotational moulding machine and setup, which is offering numerous advantages.


ROTOCITY - a group of RotoTower machines directed by a robotic arm. RotoTower - singular, hot air Rotomoulding machine with smallest footprint.

This patented machine process is offering a very small footprint, due to the one mould per machine design, so it is possible to focus on the ideal process of that mould.

The extremely efficient heating process utilizes electric heating systems, but is also available with gas burning systems.

One of the big advantages is seen in the great flexibility in production, but also in terms of the flexibility in set ups. Starting with one singular Rototower machine, the system allows multiple “ROTOTOWER” machines to operate together in one “ROTOCITY” – operated by one robotic arm.

The second type of machine that will be producing during the exhibition in Hamburg is the “ROBOMOULDS” machinery, developed by Belgian company AMS robotics.

ROBOMOULDS, fully robot operated production with electrically heated moulds.

Unlike conventional Rotational moulding machines, the moulds installed on the robotic arm will be directly heated by electrical heating elements, making an oven chamber redundant. The robotic arm will perform the needed rotational movements, but can also be designed to fully automate the process from material loading to the demoulding of plastic part

Combining the advantages of direct heated moulds and innovative cooling methods and with the programming possibilities of the robots movements, this rotational moulding process is offering the greatest process control and possibilities.

Make sure you don’t miss the chance to see these two innovative new machine types at ARMO2018 meeting in Hamburg.

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