by Maria Quinn, Powder King

DSC00438-2.jpg On April 05, 2018, Powder King® celebrated 15 years of business. The company has grown from the dreams of founder and CEO, Jim Hummel, also a 26-year veteran of the Plastics Industry, to a company whose products and pulverizers are sold to customers throughout the world. Corporate to Manufacturing, Powder King® has continued to evolve over the years, not only gaining business but receiving continuous support from its returning customers. “We produce what our customers want, and we will make it happen” says Jim Hummel.

“We will build a mill that no one has, one that would be the benchmark of all pulverizers.”
– Jim Hummel.


Jim Hummel began developing the structure and key components to his company in 2003. Determined, Hummel started up Powder King® in his own home, utilizing the garage as the manufacturing and testing facility. “We wanted to turn opportunities into success,” stated Hummel. It took only one year before Powder King® leased its first building in Anthem, AZ with just 3,200 sq. ft. of space in 2004. By 2007, Powder King® had changed locations and purchased a 10,000 sq. ft. building to home the expansion of manufacturing and services. In 2017, Powder King® bought the remaining space in the facility accumulating a total of 21,000 sq. ft. of Corporate & Manufacturing Services.

Hummel is proudly reminded of the growth of his company and states, “When I think about growth, I don’t think of office space, employees, or revenue. Instead, I remember celebrating when selling our first few machines and stating, ‘This is really happening’. Then we started celebrating every ten machines, and so on. Now we produce majority of the Pulverizing Systems throughout the world.”

Powder King® believes that every day is a challenge and an opportunity to evolve. “You have to make yourself larger than life. Powder King® will do just that,” says Jim Hummel.

Powder King® is blessed serve the Rotational Molding and Plastics Industry.

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