Martin Spencer ARMO Chair

Welcome to the latest edition of the ARMO Newsletter. The Affiliation of Rotomoulding Organisations, ARMO, brings together Rotomoulding industry associations from across the world, to work together promoting and improving the industry. ARMO aims to provide an international, worldwide channel for the exchange of information and ideas in the Rotational moulding industry. It is also working to raise the profile of the fantastic manufacturing possibilities our process provides to create attractive innovative products.

This is the first edition of a new layout and format for the ARMO Newsletter. It will be published on-line twice a year and a printed Product Showcase edition will be published to coincide with the ARMO conference each year. This edition will be available to all delegates at the conference and will be available in printed format through your own rotomoulding association. This edition will also be published in English online.

ARMO exits to promote our industry worldwide so I would urge you to submit articles of product case studies, and technical innovation that reflect the versatility of our process. The newsletter and particularly the product showcase edition will be used as a marketing aid to promote the industry to OEM and end users around the world. Do not miss your opportunity to promote you company and its moulding expertise to this audience. We need good examples of the latest materials, equipment, and well designed and produced products that enthuse potential customers throughout the world.

This year’s ARMO conference is approaching. It will be in Chicago from the 26-28th September alongside the Rotoplas exposition and will be organised by ARM, the American association. Information is available at I will be a great event to keep you up to date with the latest developments in our industry and to network with suppliers and moulders from around the globe.

I look forward to meeting you at Rotoplas or a Rotomoulding event somewhere in the world sometime soon.

Martin Spencer

Chair of ARMO

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